Olympian Finn Lynch wins inaugural Irish eSailing National Championships

Finn Lynch was declared 2020 Irish eSailing National Champion on a total of 20 points over six races in total, and after a 4th, 1st and 12th on the last night in the virtual 49er racing.

The Jeneral (Colin Kavanagh) came in second on 26 points and RedOne (Ronan Downing) a close third on 28 points.

Olympian, Ryan Seaton, Big Shaz, showed off his 49er skills in the last race with a bullet, but it wasn’t enough to shake up the leading three sailors.

Just like Day One of the championship, connection issues added that “extra element” to adapting their skills and overall results again, but hey – that’s online gaming for you..

It’s a smarts game” said Finn Lynch. “It’s great for tactics as they’re pretty much the same as when you’re on the water. The boats can only go at the same speed, so the game is all about tactics and where you go – and this is great practice for real life”.

And just like on-the-water events, the ‘banter’ between the competitors and the Irish Sailing Team has been good too. “It’s been a bit of craic. Last night I was racing and laughing with Annalise [Murphy] at Ryan [Seaton] when he’s threatening to retire from the race”.

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