Swedish eSailing National Championship launched

World Sailing and Virtual Regatta, the leading digital sailing platform, are pleased to welcome the addition of a Swedish eSailing National Championship in partnership with the Swedish Sailing Association.

Sweden joins Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland as registered nations and as such, all will participate in the inaugural eSailing Nations Cup that was launched on 4 June.

About the Swedish eSailing National Championship

The Championship is divided into five sub-races and one final. Races will be held on Tuesday nights in June, July and August with around 20 participants per race. After each race, the rankings will show participants where they sit within the nation.

The maximum number of participants per contest is set to 100 so there will be five races in each contest. Those who are offered a place are the ones who are quickest to come in with their registration. They will receive confirmation by e-mail and before the race itself you will receive a code, also the one sent via e-mail.

“The game itself is very simple but it is clear that it is good to have some basic sailing skills. Sailing in eSailing is like having the tactician’s role on board,” commented contest leader Christian Harding.

Harding continued, “Everyone can participate in eSailing. It is completely different than in real life where you have to own a boat or have a friend who has a boat. You can also join a club where there are boats to borrow. Or you can be extremely good at sailing so everyone wants you on board. In eSailing, no such thing is needed. You do not need to have a boat or pay registration fees.

“But since it is a Swedish eSailing National Championship we are talking about, it is necessary to have a Swedish registered mobile phone. And the 20 who make it to the final, we will check identification. And to be able to sail the finals, we will also require you to join a club. But that can be arranged.”

The top ten in the Swedish eSailing National Championship will advance to the eSailing World Championship Finals PlayOff this September.

Read more and sign up here: www.svensksegling.se/SSFtavlingar/e-segling/.

For more information, contact Event Manager Christian Harding at christian_h@hotmail.com.