Joakim Romell, aka ‘Romell’ wins 2021 Swedish eSailing National Championship

After five tough final races, ‘Romell,’ aka Joakin Romell, GKSS, was crowned the 2021 Swedish eSailing National Champion.

20 eSailors took part in the Final, with 10 qualifying via the world rankings and 10 qualifying through the ‘basic’ round, which consisted of six events with three races per event. Romell won the basic round to qualify for the Final.

Around 300 players took part in the Swedish eSailing National Championship in total.

Romell won the basic round last year as well, finishing third in the Championship overall in 2020.

On the 2021 Final he said, “I was last in the beginning, so the key was that I did not give up – even though I thought about it for a while.”

“I am ranked 20th in the world and I sail quite often against the very best.”

Threre different boat types were used in the Final – the J/70, Fareast 28R and Offshore Racer – while the five races were sailed at different arenas in Auckland, Palma, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai and Bermuda.

The top 10 players from the Final are now eligible for a place in the eSailing World Championships PlayOffs this autumn, with a prize of USD $10,000 up for grabs for the 2021 eSailing World Champion.

Final Standings:

  1. Romell – Joakim Romell
  2. Viking – Viktor Planting-Bergloo
  3. Herminator @ voi – Mathias Hermansson
  4. Sneseglarn – Andreas Birath
  5. Dirksson – Dirk Scherer
  6. Domarjohan – Johan Sjöstrand
  7. SWE71 – Richard Malm
  8. Jepsom – Jesper Qvarnström
  9. Aringastrangolatore – Pontus Meijer
  10. Harding – Christian Harding
  11. Jenss – Jens Sevedag
  12. Swedsailor SWE01 – Mattias Allroth
  13. 279 – Christer El-Faith
  14. Piccoloorso – Björn Hansen
  15. Seabear – Björn Andersson
  16. Schebb – Johan Sjöberg
  17. Wild Cygn – Fredrik Cygnaeus
  18. Trout – Iohn Ryott
  19. Sputte 65 – Patrik Salén
  20. Alocomor – Peter Olsson